Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!
Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!
Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!
Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!
Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!

Your hotel on Lake Achensee:

Welcome to the Karlwirt!

Warm hosts, a feel-good ambience, and home-brewed beer: All that and much more awaits you at the Karlwirt, your hotel on Lake Achensee. Here, you’ll find yourself in an idyllic natural landscape, right in between watery fun at Tyrol’s largest lake and mountain adventures in Karwendel Nature Park – what more could you want?

The history of our hotel in Pertisau

The Karlwirt, your wellness hotel on Lake Achensee, looks back on a long, eventful history. Back in 1794, our ancestors laid the foundation stone for a hotel dedicated to indulgence, relaxation, and experiences. Many generations, a catastrophic fire, and an imperial visit later, we – the Rupprechter family – are putting heart and soul into offering you an all-round laid-back holiday.

Dive into history

The Karlwirt family

At our hotel on Lake Achensee, we always stick together – come what may. Yes, we – that’s head of the hotel Alois, Christine, Alois Junior, Jakob, Angelika, Sabine, Renate, and Monika – are all on the same wavelength and are always there for each other. Together with our Karlwirt team, we love being hosts, and every morning we look forward to having the chance to spoil you with all our holiday tricks. Do you want to get to know us better?

Find out more about us here.
Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!
“The Karlwirt is a project that’s close to my heart, I’ve watched it grow. Now it’s the next generation’s turn.”
- Alois, head of the hotel -

Let’s raise a glass together …

to our hotel on Lake Achensee!

And that’s twice as nice with home-brewed beer – don’t you agree? In our Langlaufstüberl, just 200 metres away from our 4-star hotel on Lake Achensee, you can not only look forward to delicious bites all year round after cross-country skiing and hiking on Lake Achensee, but also to our Achenseebier, Alois’ baby. It’s brewed using the purest mountain spring water from Karwendel and has a delightfully fruity taste. Well, can you already imagine your hand closing around a cool glass full of quaffable, bubbly beer?

Pour me one, please!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let go.

Ahh, wellness holidays are amazing, aren’t they? Especially here in Pertisau, between the gently lapping Lake Achensee and the mighty rock formations of the Karwendel and Rofan mountain ranges, it’s so easy to switch off and unwind. In the garden sauna and steam bath you can sweat the stress of daily life away, and in the indoor and outdoor pool you’ll enjoy the feeling of carefree weightlessness.

Pure relaxation in 3, 2, 1 …
Hotel on Lake Achensee? The Karlwirt!
Hotel Karlwirt
The Rupprechter Family // Golfplatzstraße 1
6213 Pertisau am Achensee // Austria
ATU 61305402
T +43 5243 5206 //