Our own craft and demonstration brewerys Achenseebier at the Langlaufstüberl in Pertisau

at the entrance to the Alpenpark Karwendel – opposite the toll kiosk

The craft and demonstration brewery is right next to the Langlaufstüberl. We started producing our traditional, unfiltered Achensee Hell and Achensee Weizen beers on 6th December 2010. The ingredients we use to make our beers are only of the best quality: wheat and barley malt from Weyermann Malz, Bamberg, hops from Holletau, Speckner yeast and pure Karwendel water. We brew our beer in KBA250 kettles made by the Austrian company, Dreher-Brauanlage. With double drop fermentation we can produce 500 l beer per day.

Hotel Karlwirt brewery guided tours and beer tasting

Our guests enthuse about our two beers the naturally cloudy and aromatic Achensee Hell and the refreshing Achensee Weizen with its typical fruity banana aroma. The beers are served in special Kristallglas Kisslinger glasses and complement the fare from our menus, theme and dance evenings at the Langlaufstüberl. Brewery visits, beer tasting and cheese and beer tasting can be organised by prior arrangement. Special beer festivals celebrating the beer tapping of seasonal beers such as the Weihnachtsbock, Winterweisse, Maibock or Oktoberbier and the Brausilvester (start of the brewing season) are an ideal way to gain an insight into the diverse world of beer. The cheese is supplied by our yearlong partner the Heumilchkäserei Reith im Alpbachtal.

Achenseebier Hell

Gravity: approx. ca. 11,9 °   Alcohol content: 5,0 %  natural and unfiltered without preservatives

The Achensee Hell is a beer brewed from bottom-fermenting yeast according to our own specially formulated recipe. The naturally cloudy beer distinguishes itself from commercial beers. Inspired by the Austrian Märzen brewing method the beer is slightly full-bodied, pleasantly malty and thanks to its measure of hops well balanced. An ideal beer for any occasion this lager goes very well with a variety of dishes such as cold cuts or our delicious suckling pig, roast meats and mild-aromatic semi-soft cheese.

Achensee Weizen

Gravity: approx. 11,8°  Alcohol content: 4,8 %  natural and unfiltered without preservatives

The Achensee Weizen is a top-fermented beer brewed from the first decoction according to a tried and tested recipe. The beers natural pale colour and creamy foam are a synonym for a refreshing beer experience. The Achensee Weizen has a typical fruity banana aroma. This wheat beer is an ideal thirst quencher – a popular refreshing drink after outdoor activities in the Sport- und Vital Park Achensee – for men and women. It works well with soups, fish, poultry and goes especially well with cream and soft cheeses. We recommend our Achensee Weizen as an accompaniment for our fresh Bavarian Weißwurst.

Special beers

Depending on the time of year we also brew beer specialities such as.

»» Dunkler Weihnachtsbock – an absolute delicacy reminders of toasted, chocolate and coffee aromas

»» Heller Oster- or Maibock – strong malt character with little roast aroma

»» Oktoberbier – palatable stout, ideal as accompaniment for venison and offal specialities

»» Other beer types subject to availability